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Rapidalley is a service-based company. We provide tech solutions for our clients to upgrade their business. We believe in automating day-to-day tasks which take a lot of manual labour and time. Our goal is to help all the businesses around the world, from a shop to a mega-factory, showcase their business to the whole world by building their websites and mobile applications.


We believe in futurizing day-to-day tasks which require large amounts of energy and time with modern day technology. 


Our goal is to empower all the organizations around the globe, from a shop to a uber manufacturing plant, feature their business to the entire world by building their sites and versatile applications.

Website development by Rapidalley
Website devepment by Rapidalley
Silencer App by Rapidalley

Our story


Dating back to the year 2016, Rapidalley came with it’s very first Android Application named Silencer - which puts the user's phone on vibration mode automatically in a specific location, that is set by the user, and brings back the phone to normal mode when the user leaves that location. A very purposeful app that is being used by 1000+  students, teachers, professors, office-goers and more. From then on the founder, Mayank Tiberwal saw the growing need of economical and efficient need for digital services catering from Enterprises to local businesses by providing full-fledged website development to most complicated web and mobile applications suiting to the current and rapidly changing digital trends


Mayank Tiberwal - Rapidalley

Mayank Tiberwal



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