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With one step into the future and another in present we provide our clients with the most up to date Digital solutions.

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Web3 | Decentralized Platform

EQ8 Ltd has an exclusive partnership with BrainChain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which holds a System & Method patent for conducting assessments (Q&A) using DLT in India.


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jewellery | Ecommerce

Anil Jewel Paradise. Introduced the culture of customized jewellery as per our patrons’ design and segments.It all started in the year 1966, when we established ‘Vardhaman Bankers’ and in two years, we expanded our trade to art silk business in JM Road. In the year 1970, ‘Kiran Embroidery’ and the toy factory expanded our business in diverse fields. The struggle and success resulted in the opening of ‘RajLaxmi Bankers’ in the following year.

Anil Jewellers

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Legal consultancy | Service | Website

Singhania’s GST Consultancy & Co. is a tax firm specializing in the entire range of Indirect taxes. It was founded by Aditya Singhania & Punam Singhania in January, 2020 with a team of 5 professionals and is continuing to grow over the small period of term including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretary, operating office in Kolkata.


Singhania Consultancy

Singhania Consultancy Mockup design - Rapidalley
Singhania Consultancy Mockup design - Rapidalley
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SAAS | Ecommerce

MetalBook is a Full-stack Digital Supply-Chain platform that integrates PAN India network of steel suppliers & provides the customers with the best prices in the Market. MetalBook also provides the customers with customization & processing of steel products as per their need, making it a One-Stop Solution in the market.


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Education | Ecommerce

Lectureadda is the India's renowned online platform for professional courses. We provides Google Drive and Pendrive Classes for different courses of the most reputed faculties from across India. Our focus is on students satisfaction and  to enhance their learning and guide their path towards success.


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Lectureadda mockup design - Rapidalley

Sports | Booking | Mobile

A dedicated app that helps you locate near by sports grounds and make bookings so that you can enjoy your favourite sport at your time.

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Tax | Social | Mobile

Taxman is an India question-and-answer platform for GST where questions related Indian Goods and Services Tax are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users factually.

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Food | Ordering | Mobile

OLF lets you search for and discover restaurants to eat out or order from. Easy online and offline payment options available.

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Food | Ordering | Mobile

Bhukha allows you to order food online. It also provides delivery to Train stations, offices, and homes. Customers can pay via COD and Online.

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Education | Ecommerce | Mobile

Travel | Booking | Ecommerce | Mobile

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Company that deals with xyz products

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Food delivery | Ecommerce | Mobile

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